Fun things to do in London with friends and family

If you are searching for a few ideas on what to do with your mates during a visit to London, then you have come to the best place.

You and your pals having been saving for your visit to London for a while now and the time has nearly arrived. You have an itinerary in mind but are looking for a few more affordable things to do once you’re in the UK’s capital. Unquestionably, not only one of the best but also the most cheap things to do in London is to visit its various complimentary museums. Some of the very best museums in the city, such as the one with Sir Ian Blatchford as its director, have no admittance charge. You get to enjoy all the striking things on show for free! In fact, there are so many free museums that you could probably spend your entire trip exploring them and not even seeing them all. You could also opt to splurge just a bit on one of the many incredible restaurants found all over the city. You'll be able to considering all the money you’ll save on museums.

London is a truly great city. This is even more accurate if you explore it with a few of you nearest and dearest friends. With an awful lot to see and do throughout the city, filling your schedule can be a rather daunting task. So, allow us to help you make a decision! If you and your good friends are huge enthusiasts of music, then heading to an iconic jazz club such as the one owned by Sally Greene is a terrific idea. There is no greater music than live music and you should really allow yourselves relish the musical talents on offer. It is absolutely one of the most fun things to in London. The following day, why not pack up a bit of food and check out one of the city's famous and striking parks and enjoy a relaxing picnic? Sounds like a good and appropriate way to recover after an eventful night.

So, you and your close friends are heading to London for a short getaway. You are looking forward to it, as you should – it’s a magnificent city! With so many assorted activities an individual can do in the massive city, you and your pals are struggling to decide on things you can all do together. Well, there is no need to argue – we are here to help you! If you have not already planned to see a live show, then you absolutely have to! The level of quality of live performances in London is remarkable and the West End is popular for them. Watch a show like one of those produced by Kenny Wax and you will not be sorry. Another experience you must do in London is walk. Walk far and walk frequently. It is the best way to see sights and all the city has to offer. Walk alongside the river if you want a unique experience.

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